Heat Recovery Ventilation that is passive house certified

Centralised, highly-efficient ventilation units with EC fans and constant volumetric flow regulation, including enthalpy cross-counterflow exchanger, 2 supply air connections (left and right) and 1 exhaust air connection (centre)

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Innovative technology, high quality and outstanding design are the cornerstones of the product and brand philosophy of the long-standing family-owned company. MAICO concentrates on the development, production and sale of fans and components for ventilation engineering and domestic ventilation systems. Ever since 1928 Maico Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH has been supplying wholesalers, tradesmen, architects, planners, building management companies, firms and individuals with modern, efficient technology.

Latest Features:

  • Centralised ventilation unit with heat recovery for comfort ventilation.
  • The WS 160 Flat range of units is characterised by its compact and very flat design
  • The total height of just 23 cm.
  • The highly efficient enthalpy heat exchanger fitted as standard means there is no need for a condensate drain.
  • Colour black/white aluminium
  • The flat units are very quiet, energy-efficient and hold an A-rating label.
  • As standard, the unit has an F7 filter in the outside air and a G4 filter in the exhaust air. As an option, a G4 filter can also be retrofitted in the outside air. This filter cascade greatly extends the service life of the F7 filter


The WS 160 Flat is a centralised ventilation unit with heat recovery, The WS 160 is compact and very flat in design. The total height of just 23 cm makes space-saving installation possible in suspended ceilings.
CONDENSATION – The highly efficient enthalpy heat exchanger that is fitted to the WS 160 means there is no need for a condensate drain.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – The WS 160 Flat units are very quiet, energy-efficient and hold an A-rating label.

air@home – The AMico WS 160 have an integrated web server and can be controlled with an app when at home or out and about by using your smartphone.

HEAT EXCHANGER – Washable antimicrobial enthalpy heat exchanger made from plastic (PS).

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