Air Handling Units

The Versatility of Air Handling Units: Applications, Features, and Locations

Air handling units (AHUs) are a vital component in maintaining comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient environments. Their versatility allows them to be employed across a diverse range of facilities and industries, from shopping centres and aquatic centres to hospitals and industrial warehouses. AHUs help regulate air quality, temperature, and humidity, ensuring that each unique setting remains conducive to its purpose.

Common applications for air handling units include shopping centres, aquatic centres, schools, halls, auditoriums, hospitals, medical centres, industrial warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, correctional centres, gyms, and sporting facilities. These settings require a well-maintained indoor climate to ensure the comfort and well-being of their occupants and the proper functioning of their equipment.

Air handling units can be customized with various features to suit the specific requirements of each application. These features include ventilation, heat recovery, filtration, mixing boxes, humidification, dehumidification, heating, and cooling. By combining these features, AHUs can effectively maintain air quality, manage temperature and humidity, and conserve energy.

As the needs of each project can differ significantly, air handling units can be installed in various locations, such as plant rooms, ceiling voids, rooftops, basements, and even as split or compact units. This adaptability allows AHUs to be integrated seamlessly into existing or new infrastructure without compromising on performance or efficiency.

To meet the unique requirements of each project, our company partners with a network of reputable European manufacturers. These collaborations enable us to provide the most suitable air-handling solution for each specific application, taking into consideration factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, and the particular needs of the facility.

Air handling units are an essential component in creating comfortable and healthy environments across a wide variety of applications. Their adaptability in terms of features and installation locations, along with our network of quality manufacturers, ensures that every project receives a tailored solution that meets its unique requirements. Invest with Dehum’s handling unit today to optimise the comfort, well-being, and efficiency of your facility.