Dantherm RCV 320

Dantherm RCV 320


The 320P1 is a supremely efficient and remarkably compact ventilation unit designed for homes, villas, and apartments. With proprietary technology and an inventive design, it’s a complete plug-and-play solution, including a built-in control panel and all essential components for wall mounting.

It employs a highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger for heat recovery, ensuring top-tier efficiency and minimal pressure loss despite low air volumes typical in residential settings.

Each unit is finished in durable Aluzinc and packaged in groups of four per pallet, simplifying on-site handling.

Latest Features:

  • Demand-controlled ventilation with an integrated humidity sensor for power conservation during low ventilation periods.
  • Summer mode halts the supply fan to reduce power consumption, relying on open windows for cooler air circulation.
  • Automatic free-cooling via a built-in 100% bypass, enabling increased airflow for cooler night air after hot days.
  • Fireplace mode generates temporary indoor overpressure to boost chimney functionality.
  • High-efficiency heat recovery capabilities.
  • EC fan motors designed for extremely low energy consumption (low SPI).
  • Highly customizable units with the option to include a wide range of internal and external accessories.
  • Versatile duct connection options via the top, sides, or bottom of the unit.
  • Compact design for minimal space requirement.
  • External pre-heater accessory availability.
  • Complimentary smartphone App for easy control and monitoring.

Dantherm RCV 320

The factory-mounted duct seals on the side of the unit can easily be removed using a side cutter and then used to seal off other ducts not to be used.

Stand out from the crowd with the RCV, offering an impressive 48 distinct duct connection options. You have 24 combinations for left setups (A) and 24 for right setups (B). Simply pick the one that simplifies your installation process the most! This adaptable unit provides a quick and cost-effective solution to wrap up installation work, even in the most challenging areas.

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