Helty Flow 600

Helty Flow 600

Flow 600

Ceiling or wall-mountable HVR for schools and shared environments: ensures healthy air and energy savings in hospitality spaces, classrooms, nurseries, and offices.


  • Ceiling installation
  • Pure air thanks to the F9 purifying filter
  • 35 dB(A) Sound pressure
  • 82% heat recovery efficiency

Helty Flow 600

Decentralized HVR for schools and crowded shared environments

The Community Helty range has grown and been renewed, introducing the Flow600 model, a decentralized dual-flow ventilation system specifically designed for medium-high occupancy environments such as offices and classrooms. Adaptable and featuring a modern appearance, Flow600 by Helty is provided in a Steel version with a white painted steel cover. This model allows modulation of air circulation with variable flow rates ranging from 250 m3/h to 600 m3/h.

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A healthy life is inextricably linked to what we breathe. Air is the first and most important nourishment for all life forms. On average, a person breathes more than 12,000 litres of air per day.

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