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Humidification for Clinical Laboratories

Maintaining controlled environmental conditions in cleanrooms and laboratories is critical for success. However, the high rate of air changes needed to control the air quality and keep these areas sterile can cause fluctuations in relative humidity (RH), which in turn causes problems with equipment, chemicals, and measurements.

Static electricity discharges caused by low or fluctuating RH levels can damage valuable equipment and disrupt critical processes. When organic and inorganic chemicals absorb and release moisture from the air, the result can be unwanted chemical reactions and changes to the chemicals. Other materials are often affected by low humidity levels and RH fluctuations as well, making precise dimensional measurements difficult.

DriSteem humidification systems are an essential part of the clinical laboratory HVAC system to provide protection against the issues caused by fluctuating and low relative humidity levels.

Critical Control

Our Vapor-logic electronic controller has been purpose-developed for Dristeem products.

DriSteem makes it easy to design a humidification system that is just right for your application. These easy to use calculators and selection tools will help you get there quickly and easily.


makes it easy to specify and select DriSteem equipment. You can access your projects online anywhere, any time. You can go step-by-step through the sizing and selection process, or enter items in a nonlinear order.

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allows you to make a quick calculation of the humidification load for your application.

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shows the energy cost comparison of using electricity vs gas. If you are in Europe, please use our Energy Calculator for Europe. Steam valve and strainer calculator:

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