Wine Cellar Air Conditioning

CCV Air Conditioner For Wine Cellars

The new ccv air conditioner is studied and developed to grant a fine control of temperature and humidity parameters

The air conditioners CCV – CCA – CCW have been especially developed to keep the indoor temperature and humidity in a really close range; the typical applications are wine rooms, laboratories, IT.

The nice and compact design can match all the requirements in terms of space saving, easy installation and aesthetic result.

The unit is monobloc (CCV, CCW); CCA has an additional remote condenser for outdoor installation.

Working modes

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Humidification
  • Dehumidification

Perfect Humidifier For All Wine Cellars

The range of air conditioners for cellars has been extended adding to the existing monobloc air-cooled unit “CCV”, the “CCA” split air-to-air version with remote air condenser for outdoor installation and the “CCW” water-to-air monobloc version.

Summarizing the 3 versions are

  • CCV 0450 = Air-to-air, monobloc (air duct Ø160 mm)
  • CCA 0450 = Air-to-air, split, outdoor condenser with refrigerant connections.
  • CCW 0450 = Water-to-air, monobloc.