Dantherm HCC RANGE

Dantherm HCC RANGE


The HCC residential ventilation unit is primarily designed for new constructions or retrofitting into multiple apartment buildings. The outer dimensions and design allow easy installation into a suspended ceiling or onto a wall, hidden inside a closet.

The unit is supplied as a basic unit, with the option of fitting a wide range of accessories into the unit, thus extending the comfort and
reducing the energy consumption. The residential ventilation unit is equipped with a highly efficient plastic counter-flow heat exchanger, which is optimised to a high-efficiency level. This, combined with low headroom, results in a very slim ventilation unit, easily hidden in a suspended ceiling, together with the
duct system.

Latest Features:

  • High-efficiency heat recovery – up to 94%
  • EC fan motors with low energy consumption (low SPI)
  • Only 300mm installation headroom height is required.
  • Time controlled ventilation level, based on 11 different built-in pre-programmed week programs, reducing power consumption in periods with low ventilation demands.
  • Summer cooling mode
  • Automatic free-cooling features lets in the cool night air on hot days to help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day
  • Fireplace mode, creating a momentary inside overpressure, to enhance chimney functionality

Dantherm HCC RANGE

The HCC range is a unique and flexible residential ventilation solution. With only 30cm installation headroom it is ideal for installation in suspended ceilings or onto a wall, even hidden inside a closet. The unit can be electronically reversed, meaning that both air flows will
be reversed. This allows the same unit type to be mounted with the inside/outside ducts connected to either the right or the left-hand
side of the unit. Electrical connections can be connected from either the left or the right.

When very humid inside air is extracted, the humidity will condensate inside the heat exchanger, and be collected by the embedded drip
tray. This water is drained from the unit through the enclosed hose and then disposed of in the nearest drainage.

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