Floor Standing Dehumidifiers

Floor Standing Dehumidifiers

HiDew always aims to design technologically advanced solutions, with the least environmental impact: the DVS are available in a really wide range of models.

DVS – Vertical floor standing dehumidifiers, designed for dehumidification and heating of small swimming pools or ambiences where air treatment is required.

  • Pre-coated finned coils suitable for aggressive environment
  • EC fan with inverter (standard)
  • Dehumidification capacity from 67 to 225 l/day
  • Airflow from 600 to 1400 m3/h

Advanced Control

  • Unit allows controlling relative humidity through probes on the display.
  • Unit could function in three modes:
  • Ventilation: air treatments off, only fans operate
  • Dehumidification: compressor on, air dehumidified
  • Heating: compressor on, air dehumidified and heated (hot water coil and/or electrical heaters)
  • Ventilation has three speeds and it is automatically managed depending on active request.
  • It is present a clock card with time bands: 7 daily programs, 24 time bands per day, settable parameters: unit on / off, humidity and temperature.
  • User terminal could be remote, unit will install an on board temperature and humidity probe, a cable for installation of remote user terminal is supplied (optional).