Electrostatic Filter

Anti-smog electrostatic precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator e-MOCarz was designed for residential buildings. Compact size and exceptionally low-pressure drop make it suitable for residential heat recovery systems, with little impact on system performance.

Available Accessories

  • e-MOCarz-W – renewable electrostatic filter, included in the set
  • e-MOCarz-ION – Ionizing module, additionally sterilizing and revitalizing air
  • e-MOCarz-CA – Activated carbon module, additional filtration of odors
  • e-MOCarz-PR-160 – round Ø160 connector
  • e-MOCarz-PR-200 – round Ø200 connector
  • e-MOCarz-PR-250 – round Ø250 connector


The filtration efficiency of ePM1 and ePM2.5 particles, the main component of smog, is as high as 95%.

Polluted air initially passes through a steel mesh pre-filter (which retains larger fractions), then is positively ionized in an electric field due to the “crown discharge” effect. In the last stage, the previously charged particles, are pulled by electrostatic force toward horizontally mounted aluminium plates (electrodes) and build up on their surface.

Electrostatic filters (precipitators) have low power consumption (only few Watts), long service life and most of all there’s no need to exchanged dirty (clogged) filters.

It is enough to clean in with water and detergent once or twice a year. There is a led status indicator on the casing.

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