Dantherm HCH Range

Dantherm HCH Range


The HCH residential ventilation units are primarily designed for 1 and 2 family houses. The units are supplied as packaged ventilation units complete with built-in demand- control and a control panel. The residential ventilation units are fitted with highly efficient counter-flow heat exchangers which are optimised to a very high-efficiency level thus achieving a very low specific fan power (SPI
value) for the entire unit.

The HCH residential ventilation units are horizontal models designed to be fitted in the loft or on the floor of a plant room. They fulfil the ventilation requirements of houses up to approximately 475m2, depending on national requirements and the actual pressure loss in the installation.

Latest Features:

  • Listed in the UK database for balanced whole-house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Fully operational in surrounding temperatures down to -20°C
  • High-efficiency heat recovery
  • HCH models are suitable for installation on uninsulated attics
  • EC motors with extremely low energy consumption (low SPI)
  • Demand-controlled ventilation with integrated humidity sensor

Dantherm HCH Range

The HCH (ATTIC-MOUNTED ) residential ventilation units are primarily designed for 1 and 2 family houses. The two horizontal models HCH 5 and HCH 8 are operated via the control panel, which is connected to the ventilation unit by a cable (2m). It is recommended that the panel be fitted on a wall on the ground floor, e.g. in a back corridor or living room so that the status
of the unit can be seen/heard and adjusted.

All models use 50mm G4 compact filters as standard for both supply air and extract air. This will cater for the majority of air cleaning needs. The advantage of compact filters is that they have a considerably larger filter surface area than fibrous filters and small bag filters. The filter thus works for longer and under normal conditions, it will not need changing more than twice a year, equivalent to the filter timer setting.



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