Humidification Protects Paper and Ensures Processes

Humidifying printing facilities significantly improves print production processes. Relative humidity (RH) affects the moisture content of hygroscopic materials, such as paper. Paper will absorb or release moisture until an equilibrium moisture content is reached, which may affect many of the properties critical for production.
DriSteem humidification systems help maintain a consistent RH for print processes – assuring better quality and increased productivity, while minimizing costs for machinery downtime and wasted materials.

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DriSteem makes it easy to design a humidification system that is just right for your application. These easy to use calculators and selection tools will help you get there quickly and easily.


makes it easy to specify and select DriSteem equipment. You can access your projects online anywhere, any time. You can go step-by-step through the sizing and selection process, or enter items in a nonlinear order.

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allows you to make a quick calculation of the humidification load for your application.

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shows the energy cost comparison of using electricity vs gas. If you are in Europe, please use our Energy Calculator for Europe. Steam valve and strainer calculator:

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