Helty Flow Easy

Helty Flow Easy

Ideal for rooms of up to 20 square metres

Every day, we spend about 90% of our time indoors, mainly at home and in the workplace. Confined environments have a limited amount of air, which we consume with every breath. People take on average 22,000 breaths a day, processing about 12,000 litres of air through their lungs.

It is important for our health to breathe air that is clean, rich in oxygen and free of the pollutants that unfortunately accumulate
and concentrate in closed, stuffy rooms.


  • Compact and functional
  • Dedicated standard-compliant F7+G4 filters
  • 91% heat recovery efficiency
  • Paintable cover
  • Suitable for installation even in small spaces
  • Maintenance is reduced to the bare essentials: simply replace the filter of each individual unit when alerted to do so by the panel warning LED

Helty Flow Easy

Helty FlowEASY is a point-wise controlled residential ventilation system that extracts stale air from indoor environments and introduces
new, oxygenated and clean air thanks to dedicated standard-compliant F7+G4 filters.

The extremely compact dimensions of Helty FlowEASY make it suitable for installation even in small spaces. Ideal for a worry-free retrofit. FlowEASY is designed to bring the advantages and comfort of continuous dual-flow HRV to individual rooms in lived-in buildings, where it is necessary to ensure an adequate air renewal, even at night thanks to the night mode.


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A healthy life is inextricably linked to what we breathe. Air is the first and most important nourishment for all life forms. On average, a person breathes more than 12,000 litres of air per day.

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