WS 300 Flat BR

WS 300 Flat BR

Highly-efficient ventilation units

The new generation of MAICO ventilation units with heat recovery, the WS 300 Flat BR ensures perfect room air without the need to open any windows.

PERFECT for single- and multiple-family units and offices up to 450 m2

WHAT IS HEAT RECOVERY – The highly efficient cross counterflow heat exchanger ensures that the energy in the exhaust air can be reused and transferred to the fresh supply air. In addition, the fact that it is equipped with an enthalpy heat exchanger makes it possible to transfer humidity to the supply air, which is an advantage in winter, when otherwise the room air is dry.

Latest Features:

  • Highly efficient, intelligent, centralised ventilation unit with heat recovery for comfort ventilation.
  • Compact and very quiet unit for wall / standalone mounting (optional)
  • DC motors with integrated, automatic volumetric flow regulation for constant air volume (“volumetric flow consistency”)
  • The DC motors can be operated via the optional additional pressure constant” PCB ZP 2
  • An easily accessible USB port for service/start-up characterises all unit variants

WS 300 Flat BR

Centralised, highly-efficient ventilation units with EC fans, constant volumetric flow regulation, including bypass and two enthalpy cross-counterflow exchangers, supply and exhaust air on right (in ceiling installation position, view of electronic compartment), volumetric flow 80 – 300 m³/h, con-nection diameter 4 x DN 160, 4 x SVR 160 plug connec-tors or 90° B90-160 elbow needed to connect folded spi-ral-seams ducts (order as accessories), including RLS 1WR control unit, including integrated web server and MAI-CO app (air@home) for mobile unit control, live reports via web tool, DIBT approval, KNX/Modbus and EnOcean con-nection possible

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A healthy life is inextricably linked to what we breathe. Air is the first and most important nourishment for all life forms. On average, a person breathes more than 12,000 litres of air per day.

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