Top Dehumidifiers
Sep 22, 2021

Top Dehumidifiers

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Dehumidifiers provide humid air solutions to your home and workplace. The top-end dehumidifiers will successfully provide the designated area with a resolution to the issues that humid air provides. Humid air can be reduced drastically with the use of a good quality dehumidifier.

The best industrial-strength dehumidifiers can provide much more than a less humid room or area. Top-end dehumidifiers will also assist with the prevention of mould and dust buildup, assisting in keeping your air clean and removing excessive moisture from the air.

AtDehum, we only use the highest quality dehumidifiers and energy-efficient equipment from experienced and professional suppliers. Read on to find out more about our top brands and why we use these specific professionals for the best results in dehumidification.

The Best Industrial Strength Dehumidifiers

Industrial strength dehumidifiers are mainly used for residential indoor pools and aquatic centres. We only provide our customers with the best brands and h2, reliable, dehumidifiers, designed to get the job done and to do it well.

Here are some of the best industrial strength and residential dehumidifiers in the market today:

DanVe Residential Dehumidifier

Founded in Finland in 1996, DanVex has been providing quality and results-proven dehumidifiers for over 20 years. DanVex has a pure focus on providing and delivering quality and efficient dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Providing dehumidifiers that work on a refrigeration type system where the water vapor condenses on the surface and drips into the water collection bucket underneath. A common dehumidifier method used for residential purposes.

DanVex supplies residential dehumidifiers that can be used as part of a ventilation system or as a stand-alone system, collecting drainage up to 1000litres a day. Delivering the largest range of quality dehumidifiers for your indoor climate control.

HiDew Residential Dehumidifier

HiDew present and offer a full range of dehumidification services, from smaller residences to larger industrial dwellings.

HiDew is a younger company but their forward-thinking and future planning strategies are to be admired in their innovative approach to finding solutions to humidity woes in homes and businesses.

Designed for drop ceilings and 24hr a day operation, the HiDew Residential Dehumidifier provides two versions of their horizontal duct dehumidifiers.

Dantherm Mobile and Fixed Dehumidifier

Dantherm provides efficient heating, cooling, drying, and dehumidifying options for your climate control solutions.

Dantherm was founded in 1958 and as such has had over 60 years of experience and insight into climate control in small and large residents across multiple countries. Dantherm has some of the most ideal and h2 mobile and fixed dehumidifiers for commercial and residential use.

Dantherm’s years of expertise bring us high-quality, well-designed reliable products. Light units with low energy consumption for residential indoor pools, cost-efficient options for commercial hotels, spas, and pools, and swimming pool air management with the best industrial-strength dehumidifiers designed to endure harsh chemicals from larger commercial pool halls.

Why We Partner with These Brands

At Dehum, we value partnering with businesses that provide efficient and reliable products that we can gladly pass on to our clients. We provide our clients with reliable climate control solutions by recommending the best industrial and residential strength dehumidifiers for your home and commercial residence.