About Dehum

Dehum have been providing homes and businesses Air solutions for over 2 decades. Supplying the best units from around the globe with Dehumidifiers for Pools, Homes, DR’s, Commercial and Industrial spaces.

We are proud to be the ONLY Dantherm Supplier in Australia. Dantherm have the most advanced dehumidification solutions on the market today.

Dantherm dehumidifiers have been synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency for more than 40 years, and today they are global leaders in providing high-end quality and energy efficient dehumidifiers for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications in virtually any operating temperature range. Contact Dehum for right Solution today.

Our Main services

Mobile Dehumidifiers

Dantherm is a market leading and innovative supplier of mobile dehumidifiers for water damage control and building drying.

Our dehumidifiers are known for their high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

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Pool Dehumidifiers

Our swimming pool dehumidifiers are known for their exclusive design, high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

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Fixed Dehumidifiers

Fixed dehumidifiers with remote control are ideal to control the humidity in museums, churches and galleries where paintings, antiques etc. are highly sensitive to unstable or constantly varying humidity levels.

The exclusive design of Dantherm CDF dehumidifiers blends well with all interiors. See our range below:

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Ventilation Products

Showcasing the BEST Systems from around the Globe, with MAICO Ventilation Units, ALNOR Ventilation Units, Airomaid Ventilation Units, DANTHERM  and European Flexi Ducts And Accessories. If you talk about home as being a feel-good oasis of wellness, most people think of beautiful furniture, modern décor and
lots of space. The most important element is often forgotten; healthy room air, free from pollutants, smells and humidity!

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