CDT mobile dehumidifiers

CDT mobile dehumidifiers

Cost-effective, energy-efficient and user-friendly dehumidifiers for water damage restoration and drying of buildings.

Dantherm mobile CDT dehumidifiers offer quick and easy control for both damage service companies and the building industry. The CDT dehumidifiers are renowned for their user-friendliness, superior digital control and light yet robust design.

The CDT range offers capacities from 30 to 94 l/24 h and a maximum working temperature of 32°C, as well as superior control of settings and operations.

The digital finger touch display puts you in quick and easy control of humidity and service status. Furthermore, hours and energy consumption can be read off the display.

Adjustable and fixed handles ensure safe and convenient handling and operation. Big rubber wheels make the CDT’s easy to move both up and down stairs and across seemingly impassable areas.

CDT with condensate pump cassette

CDT with condensate pump cassette
The mobile CDT dehumidifier can be supplied with a condensate pump cassette which is fitted instead of the water container. It pumps the condensate water to a drain. Using this condensate pump will enable your dehumidifier to run maintenance free, you will no longer have to empty a heavy reservoir filled with water. The lifting height is 3 m. The condensate pump cassette is available as accessory.

Special versions with ducts

CDT 30 S and CDT 40 S are fitted with a 1 kW heating element, a high pressure fan and duct spigots allowing connection of flexible air ducts. This is particularly suitable for drying out wet wooden floors.

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About Product


  • Building drying
  • Dry storing
  • Hire companies
  • Water damage restoration
  • Waterworks



  • High capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Strong and robust cabinet of powder-coated hot galvanized steel
  • Epoxy-coated evaporator and condenser
  • Adjustable handle
  • Plastic bumpers
  • Low weight
  • Stackable (not CDT 90)
  • Large wheels
  • Special for CDT 30S and CDT 40S:
    Two Ø100 mm flex. air ducts may be connected on the back of the unit (max. length 5 m)
    Built-in 1 kW heating element
    Supplied with high pressure fan

Water container:

  • Water container with handles
  • Automatic stop when water container is full or removed
  • Permanent drainage can be established with optional ½” hose connection
  • Condensate pump as optional extra (in a cassette)
  • Special for CDT 90:
    The CDT 90 has no water container. It is fitted with a drain outlet for connection to a ½” water hose

Electronic control:

  • Digital touchpad control panel with display
  • Accurate hour and kWh counter (reading)
  • RH and °C monitoring (reading)
  • RH setting
  • Easy fault-finding
  • Service monitoring function
mobile dehumidifier CDT 30 CDT 30S CDT 40 CDT 40S CDT 60 CDT 90
Operating range – temperature (oC) 3-32
Operating range – humidity (% RH) 40-100
Air volume (m3/h) 250

Measured without air ducts mounted


Measured without air ducts mounted

725  1000
Power supply 1 x 230 /50 V/Hz
Max. ampere consumption (A) 2,7  2,6 3,6 3,7  4,9 7,2
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,590  


With heating



with heating

1,12 1,64
Refrigerant R134a R407c
Sound level @ 1 metre (dB(A)) 56

Measured with air ducts mounted


Measured with air ducts mounted

62 62
Weight (kg) 32 34 43  46  47 62
Water container capacity (litres) 7 7  14  14 14 none
Protection class  IPX4
Specific energy consumption (kWh/litre) @ 30oC/80% RH 0,45 0,39 0,50 0,47 0,43 0,42
Specific energy consumption (kWh/litre) @ 20oC/60% RH 0,81 0,76 0,66 0,83 0,67 0,71
  • Hygrostat with 0,4 m cable, jack plug and fitting

  • Hygrostat with 3 m cable and jack plug

  • 1/2″ draining tap and screwed hose connector

  • Cassette with built-in condensate pump Vertical lift of up to 3 metres Length of tube: 10 metres

  • Wall bracket