Flexibox Free Cooling

For Telecom shelters, enclosures and rooms.

Free Cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation: the Telecom shelter or enclosure is cooled by means of ambient air without a compressor. Dantherm’s Free Air Cooling unit, the Flexibox, provides total heat management and significant energy savings on cooling in Telecom sites hosting GSM, UMTS or LTE networks.

Flexible, quality-minded cooling solutions

Dantherm offers multiple Flexibox solutions of different capacities, input voltage options and controller versions. The 6th generation features the Dantherm CC3000 controller with included dual-zone cooling, night mode and browser-based remote control.

Combine with existing solutions to save energy

The Flexibox as the sole cooling solution is adequate for cooling Telecom base stations in most climate conditions. In warm climates and in climates with high temperature peaks, a combination of free cooling and an air conditioner is a good choice. The combination prolongs the service life of your existing air conditioner and generates significant energy savings, when the free cooling is active.

  • Extremely energy-efficient: savings in all types of climates
  • Total heat management: control of multiple external units
  • Stable operation: stepless fan speed control
  • Clean internal environment: overpressure system
  • Extended air path protection: Dantherm AirMaze
  • Flexible installation: both indoor and outdoor
  • Low maintenance costs: washable compact filter
  • Maximum security: remote monitoring and configuration

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