Dantherm’s new range of HPP-i inverter heat pumps are specifically designed for Indoor Pools

The low energy consumption coupled with high heat production makes the HPP-i heat pump an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool.

Unlike alternative ways of heating pools, the HPP-i heat pump requires no fuel storage tank or high capacity electrical supply. It produces no smell, fumes or CO2 gases.

HPP-i heat pumps are designed to work all year round when temperatures are above -5°C. Thus, the pool season can be extended for several months.

Rapid installation, flexible operation

Dantherm HPP-i heat pumps are easy to install and fully self-contained units. When it comes to operation, the HPP units offer a quiet, high efficient, reliable, and safe performance.


The HPP heat pump has an integrated controller with a touchscreen user interface.

  • Function settings for: Heat, Cooling or Heat/Cool
  • 24-hour time clock
  • Timer ON/OFF
  • Parameter adjustment

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