ACT 7 mobile air conditioner

Mobile water-cooled air conditioner for fast and efficient temporary cooling

When in need of temporary small-scale cooling, an efficient and easily implemented solution is required. The ACT 7 mobile water-cooled air conditioner can deliver efficient cooling in a matter of minutes with no cooling knowledge or special training required to install the unit

Ideal for rental companies and event organisations

Whether the requirement is to cool down a retail space, marquee, warehouse or even an office where the existing air-conditioning system has broken down, the ACT 7 will get the job done. With its robust and lightweight build, it is ideally suited to withstand the wear and tear characterising the rental market.


Master AC 24

Easy air ducting with diffusing flex tubes
Cabinet from 0.9 – 2.5 mm galvanized and powder coated steel sheet
Top finish painting is pure white, RAL 9010
Cooling at outside temperatures up to + 55°C
Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant

Ideal for tents, temporary building, transportable building

The unit connects to the mains power supply or to a separate
diesel generator via a 10 m power cable with a CEE plug
Temperature control carried out by a room thermostat
hard-wired to the air-conditioner
Inlet and discharge openings for Ø 31 mm flexible tubes
Easy transportation by either forklift or on the four,
mounted wheels (accessory)
Setup and operation can be done by a single person
Ductable with flex tubes or air distribution duct
Easy air recirculation

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