Spa/Wellness Humidifiers

Dehum is the exclusive distributor of HYGROMATIC Humidifiers. Ourspa/wellness Humidifiers range of products are suitable for the following industries:

  • Spa and wellness facilities
  • Cruise Ships
  • Fitness clubs

FlexLine Steam Generators.

New flexibility in award-winning quality.

With the FlexLine, HygroMatik provides a new generation of steam generators which consists of a basic model that can be expanded to create an individual solution suitable for all steam requirements. In order to make this flexibility available to our customers quickly, we have developed a modular system. This was awarded in three categories with the Plus X Award and named Product of the Year 2018.

FlexLine Plus Spa.

High-quality, low-maintenance and durable.

The HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa units complement the FlexLine series with an extremely robust and long-lasting design on new heater type steam generators.


Compact and minimalistic.

The heater steam generator HeaterSlim has an appropriate design, is slim in size and comes with output of 6.6 or 10 kg/h, making it particularly suitable for private and suite spas.

Excellent access to components saves time in installation and maintenance.

The units can operate using fully demineralised, softened or mains water. When operated with fully desalinated water, the units are practically maintenance-free. The units are environmentally-friendly, efficient, hygienic and safe. The produced steam promotes health and well-being.